" Susmita ji is a great Kathak teacher and dancer. Her dance is soulful and I am immensely happy that I am learning dance from her. "
- A.

" Susmita ji is one of the best dance teachers I have ever come across. It is a pleasure to learn Kathak from her. I never thought dancing would be so easy. "
- P.

" Dancing has always been a passion for me. I am so glad I met Susmita Bhatacharya who has been a great teacher and guide. "
- T.

" There are Indian classical and modern dancers. Then there is Susmita Bhatacharya.
I have had the privilege of watching Susmita perform and knew at once I was in the presence of a rare prodigy. Her lyrical, expressive interpretations of music ranging from ancient ragas to latest hit melodies convey an artist in supreme command of her craft.
Watching Susmita keep perfect rhythm to the music while weaving mystical, magical tales of love and longing made me think: This was what Michelangelo must have been to sculpture, Picasso to painting.
Susmita Bhatacharya is that rare artist whose gift to viewers will remain timeless. What a privilege it has been for me to know this gentle soul whose genius is matched only be her generosity of spirit. Susmita has enriched the lives of everyone who have seen her perform.
As a devoted and dedicated fan, I only hope she will pass on her gift to a select few so that those who come after us will continue to enjoy the legacy of this rare artist. "
- H. R.

" Wow Susmita !! You are better than Madhuri Dixit!!! You are so natural. You are so much more better than Madhuri Dixit. You have a lot of grace in your movements which not too many people have. You are probably born with it. You are fabulous. This response came from me very spontaneously. "
- D. M.

" Wow! Hats off to a great artist in you Susmita! I enjoyed the dance and your positive energy. "
- L.

" Susmita, your dance and expressions are awesome! Very energetic steps. "
- P. I.